A Guide To UK Bingo Clubs and Halls

a-guide-to-uk-bingo-clubs-and-hallsYou will find that in most major towns and cities in the UK there will be at least one bingo club which you will be able to visit if you fancy playing a session or two of bingo.

However, as the number of bingo clubs has been diminishing in recent years due to the popularity of online bingo and the smoking ban and the increase in the cost of travel, those bingo sites still in operation are the larger ones.

That does of course mean though that when you do visit a large and very busy bingo clubs you are going to have the chance of winning some very large jackpots on all of their real money bingo games so you could win big at any time if you have a lucky bingo playing session!

The most popular game played at UK bingo clubs is the game of 90 ball bingo, and when playing that game you will have three chances of winning on each ticket you buy. However, when the 90 ball bingo sessions are not in play you will find you can play table top bingo which is usually played using a 75 or 80 ball bingo playing structure.

If you are planning on visiting such a venue then you will find that most if not all UK bingo clubs are very well serviced by public transport and their physical locations will make it very easy for you to access those sites, and all bingo clubs will of course have car parking facilities available.

You will need to become a member of a bingo club and as such when you do first visit such a venue allow enough time for you to sign up and register as a new member. Once you have signed up you will then be given a membership card which you can then use on all further visits to gain entry!

Frequently Asked Questions

As you may be interested in visiting a land based bingo club in the UK we have put together the following questions and answer section to this guide to enable you to possible find the answers to those questions so keep on reading for more information!

  1. Do any casinos also offer a bingo site?If you are looking for a bingo site and a casino site which is fully licensed and regulated in the UK then we can recommend the Foxy Casino, this is a casino that uses a no download gaming platform and you will have access to lots of different games when play there.Take a look at our review of Foxy Casino as we have a high valued welcome bonus to introduce to you which will allow you to boost the value of your initial deposit.
  2. Do I have to pay an entry fee?It will be dependent on just which bingo club you are visiting in regards to whether you are going to have to pay any type of entry fee or not. Most bingo clubs in the UK have done away completely with any form of entry fee and as such you will be able to visit then venue and gain entry completely free of charge.Some bingo clubs do special promotions whereby you pay a one off fee when entering which will allow you to get a free book of bingo tickets and also a meal and a drink, so do look out for those types of deals and promotions as they offer terrific value.
  3. What get do I need to be to visit a bingo club?There are some very strict rules in regards to entry age limits at all UK land based licensed gambling premises and this is certainly the case for bingo clubs. You will need to be over the age of 18 to gain entry into any land based bingo club in the UK.If you or any member of your group does not look over the age of 18 they will be challenged upon entry to produce some form of identification. With that in mind if you are planning on visiting a bingo club with someone who does look younger than 18 and they are over 18 then make sure that person has some form of identification with them as they will need to produce is to gain entry in that venue.


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