A Quick Guide To Playing On Land based UK Casinos

a-quick-guide-to-playing-on-land-based-uk-casinosWhen the UK Government decided to make the gambling laws and regulations a little more liberal in 2006 one of the many different forms of gambling that changed thanks to those new laws and regulations was land based casino venues.

There used to be some very strict rules surrounding when you could gain entry into such a venue and when they would be permitted to open and also the type of gambling machines and gaming tables that such a venue could offer their customers.

You will find that there are a large number of casinos located in many towns and cities across the UK and some of them are very large venues indeed, and the actual jackpots that you can now win on some of the slot machines available at those venues are enormous, in fact progressive games can now be played on which the jackpots keep on rising in value until they are won.

You will however have to sign up and become a full member of any land based casino site you visit in the UK but the sign up procedure is both quick and simple and once you have entered the casino you will find a very wide range of additional facilities on offer.

In fact many land based casinos located throughout the UK now have special events planned on various nights of the week and entertainment is laid on for players wishing to take a break from the gaming tables.

You are not permitted to smoke inside any land based UK casino venue however as a lot of visitors to such a venue do enjoy a smoke you will find special set aside outside areas of the casino premises are available if you wish to pop outside for a cigarette.

You will find that you can play the casino games on offer at such a venue for lots of different stake option and as such if you are a low stake player or a casino game player who enjoys playing for very high stake amounts you will certainly find plenty of games that suit your playing style. In fact many land based casinos now offer a comp or loyalty scheme where you earn lots of additional extras based on your level of play!

Frequently Asked Questions

You really will find land based casinos have changed from all recognition over the last few years and if you are now interested in planning a visit to such a venue then below we have put together a range of questions and their related answers that most first time visitors of such a venue will be interest in.

  1. What casino can I deposit and play in GBP?If you are looking for a multi currency casino site which is fully licensed and regulated in the UK then we can recommend the Grand Parker Casino, this is a casino that uses the Real Time Gaming casino platform and you will have access to lots of different games when play there.Do take a look at our review of Grand Parker Casino as we have a high valued welcome bonus to introduce to you which will allow you to boost the value of your initial deposit.
  2. What are the entry requirements?If you do wish to visit a land based casino in the UK the new rules mean that you can now enter the venue straight away, previously you had to wait 24 hours from the minute you first entered the casino for the very first time before you could then enter that venue!However, when you do first present yourself to the reception desk you will be required to sign up and become a member of that land based casino. This will see you having to fill out a membership form, produce some form of photographic identification and have your photo taken.

    In the casino is one which is part of a group of casinos you can join nay one single casino in that group and by joining up and becoming a member you can then visit any of the other casinos they own and operate with your membership card.

    Please be aware that you do have to be over the age of 18 to gain entry into any UK land based casino and if you are not over the age of 18 then you will be refused entry into that venue.

  3. Are meals and drinks served?You will find both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and beverages are available at UK land based casino venues, however you are not going to be allowed to drink alcohol in the gaming areas and will therefore have to visit the bar area to drink any type of alcoholic drink.You are also going you find both bar snacks and a restaurant will be on offer at most casino venues, and as such if you are ever peckish and fancy something to eat you will be able to find something to your liking!


To help you find a land based gaming venue in the UK that is going to offer you everything you need we have several additional resources that you can make use of and these are listed below.

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