How to Get Around Gamstop Exclusion

how-to-get-around-gamstop-exclusionIt is quite easy to get around Gamstop exclusion provided they are for the right reasons. Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Register on a non-Gamstop casino such as the ones below.
  2. Fill in your details as you would do normally.
  3. Deposit and play (within reason).

To get around Gamstop exclusion, use any of the following casinos:

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Self-exclusion has become a mandatory proviso for operators and it’s the basis of their license with the Gambling Commission. Yet, to you as a player, self-exclusion may be a little too much on occasion, and I am here to talk about this excessiveness and how to get around GamStop in the first place.

Why would that be necessary you may ask? You might have excluded yourself for just three months, let’s say not to distract yourself from other, more important commitments in life. But when you try to return, you realise that a lot of bookies and casinos have decided to put you on a blacklist and won’t clear your registration.

That will cause a bit of a headache to the average player who now has to forcibly find alternatives. Don’t worry, though, because you can get around self-exclusion without breaking any rules and still make sure that you take your gaming sessions in moderation.

How to Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion Scheme?

I have already covered what GamStop is and emphasised on how useful a blanket exclusion scheme can be in the first place. Yet, some drawbacks exist and they could turn a perfectly regular gaming session sour.

Thankfully, there are some ways to find great work-arounds that will guarantee the integrity of the experience and provide you with quality options.

  1. Choose a Gambling Website Not Registered on GamStop

After a while, I have been able to single out the brands that come closest to what the best gambling sites in the UK have to offer players.

All of the brands listed here will provide you with a variety of gaming, great banking options, reliable customer support, and if you want to, you can always talk to a casino representative to set daily, weekly or monthly limits for yourself.

There are multiple casinos you can shop around for yourself. For instance, casino sites registered with Gibraltar, Curacao eGaming or the Malta Gaming Authority are perfect picks.

  1. Choose a Bookie or a Casino That Doesn’t Require Verification

For the most part, non-GamStop sites will actually have no issue accepting your deposit without requiring verification. However, you may need to verify your account when you request a withdrawal.

All of these conditions are described in the terms, but in my experience, you have to be prepared to submit KYC and AML information to help the casino establish your genuinely the person whom you say to be, and that the origin of your funds is genuine

  1. Play from Someone Else’s Account

This is one of my least favourite ways to work around self-exclusion. There should be clear terms between and the person who is landing you their account, including setting limits beforehand – both in terms of time and money.

Sorting out these details first is the surest way to avoid your relationship turning sour later on. However, do keep in mind that gaming sites in the UK have no tolerance for players using another person’s credentials even when it’s consensual. Even if you have an agreement, it’s a very sensitive topic to be playing with another person’s account so keep this in mind.

  1. Consider Waiting GamStop to Wear Off

If you want to get-around GamStop simply because you still have some time on your cooling down period, I strongly recommend you stick with the self-exclusion for the time being. These cool down periods are designed by psychologists who can asses how much time the average individual need to reconsider excessive behaviour and possibly seek further assistance.

On the other hand, if you want to find a way around self-exclusion, because you are currently barred form gambling sites, which won’t accept you simply because you have excluded yourself once before, consult with any of the other steps first.

  1. Play at a Brick-and-Mortar Casino/Bookmaker

GamStop extends to brick-and-mortar gaming in theory, but not all venues enforce this rule. If you are at the casino to play recreationally and reasonably, you probably have very little to worry about. In fact, you can frequent gambling establishment fairly confidently and without worrying about being turned away at the door, especially if your cooling down period has expired.

Can’t Get into a GamStop Site After Registration?

Contact the Regulator. One of the upsides of GamStop is that, for all the minor hiccups it can cause, it is still quite useful. If you think a UK gambling site has turned you down unfairly, you can raise an issue with the Gambling Commission or try contacting GamStop yourself.

While the bookie or casino probably won’t change their position, the regulators will know that not all measures are helpful in the sense they introduce fresh restrictions to players who are capable of playing reasonably.

When I Shouldn’t I Cancel My Self-Exclusion?

As briefly mentioned before, my site is designed to help you avoid those pesky, game-breaking restrictions that over-regulation has so unpleasantly put on us – the players. However, if you have a genuine reason to be self-excluded, please consider first re-evaluating your relationship to gambling before you proceed with any of the suggested advice here.

Take GamCare, But Don’t Self-Exclude

There is some good news in the knowledge that GamStop isn’t the only helpful scheme out there. GamCare, for example, will teach you how to control your gaming behaviour if you suspect you are spending too much time or money. This solution is less invasive and it can be of real help to you, even if you play with non-GamStop gambling sites. Don’t hesitate to give it a go.


✅ How to remove GamStop self-exclusion?

To remove GamStop self-exclusion, the best way is to wait for your current cooling down period to expire. If you want to have the restriction lifted before, you may only do so if you have a clean gaming record, i.e. no history of excessive or dangerous gaming behaviour.

✅ Can I cancel GamStop self-exclusion?

You can in theory cancel GamStop self-exclusion, but it will take verification from the employees who review such requests. If you have been gaming erratically prior to excluding yourself, GamStop is very unlikely to approve such request.

✅ GamStop self-exclusion ended but I still can’t play why is that?

If you can’t still play after your cooling down period has worn off, this could be because a casino doesn’t want to open an account. As fines have grown, most casinos are now afraid to accept players on GamStop’s list, as they fear you might quickly over-indulge with your hobby and put the operator in hot water with the regulator. Make sure to message both the casino as well as GamStop to sort out any irregularities.

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