Racecourses in the UK Online FAQ

Horse RacingYou are never going to be very far away from a UK racecourse and as such if you ever do fancy spending an afternoon at such a place you will find plenty of them are holding meetings on every single day of the week!

In fact you will not only find afternoon race meetings being held at such venues as more and more of the flat race courses now offer evening racing, so if you fancy visiting such avenue after work then once again you will find plenty of racecourse do offer you a night meeting!

There is an entry fee to be paid when you are visiting a UK racecourse however you will find many such venues are putting together special promotional offers on various days of the week and as such you may find that you can get free entry into such venues or many get some form of drink or meal deal as part of your entry fee at certain venues.

You will not have any problems being able to place a bet on the racecourse as there will be plenty of on course bookmakers who are ever eager to take your bets and wager. Those bookmakers will of course all be fully licensed and hold a bookmakers permit to operate so you should never run into any kind of problems when placing a bet or wager with those bookmakers.

If you are planning on visiting such a venue then be are there will be food outlets at each racecourse, whilst many such venues offer a takeaway type of catering facility more and more of them will allow you to have a meal in a restaurant, however due to racecourses often being very busy places you should plan ahead if you are planning on having a meal and book a table well in advanced to secure yourself of table!

The opening times of all UK racecourses will of course vary depending on when the first race of the day is, however you will always find you can access the course several hours before the races actually start.

Most UK horse racecourses are very well linked up to the public transport network and as such you should have no problems getting to such a venue by bus or train. Car parking facilities are also readily available at all UK racecourses however it may be worth you getting to the venue early to avoid any delays on the road networks.

When leaving a racecourse if you have made use of their car parking facilities you should leave it for a while before you drive off as the car parks will be very busy as soon as the last race has finished and that will cause delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do fancy visiting a UK racecourse then below are a few of the most commonly asked questions and the related answers to those questions. In fact do look out for any special promotions running at several racecourses as many of them have started to roll out such promotions to get people through their turnstiles!

  1. Are Children allowed entry in UK racecourses?

    Children are permitted into UK racecourses and whilst they will not be permitted to place a bet at the various on course bookmakers there will be planty of other things for them to do! In fact many UK racecourses are very family friendly venues and you will find many of them offer a play park and a range of other activities for the children to part take in as you are watching the races and placing your bets and wagers onto those races!

  2. Can I place a bet at a UK racecourse?

    You will find that at every single UK racecourse there will be several on course bookmakers who will be offering you odds on ever single race running at that venue. Also you will find that a very large proportion of racecourses throughout Great Britain will also have a betting shop at those venues at which you will be able to place bets and wagers on any other racecourses holding a meeting that day.

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