Live Casino Games – List of UK Live Dealer Online Games

Live Casino DealerAs an online casino player you will be looking to play casino games online that replicate the exact way that casino games play and pay in a land based casino. However, with online casinos using random number generators to determine the outcome of each and every single game played and as you will be looking at computer generated graphics and animations, you will hardly be getting a life like type of gaming session when playing at such a site online!

However, in the last few years a range of live casino and live gaming platforms have started to appear online, and when you utilize one of those gaming platform you are going to be playing real life casino games but remotely from wherever it is you are logged into your computer from!

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So in effect you could be sat in the bath or lounging around in bed or on the sofa at home and you will be able to place real money wagers directly onto a land based gaming table and will then be able to watch as the cards are dealt out if it is a card game you are playing or you will be able to see the roulette wheel spinning and the ball landing in one of the numbered ball wells if you are playing roulette!

This is due to live casinos and live gaming platforms using a live video stream which is beamed from a land based casinos and fed in real time over the internet and that video stream is then displayed along the casino game you have opted to play at such a site and as such you can then place a bet and watch the games in play in front of your eyes.

Be aware that you are also going to be playing remotely on those land based gaming tables with players from all over the world and you are going to be able to interact with those players via a chat room displayed alongside the game you have chosen to play.

You can also interact and chat to the casino support staff via that chat room, so if you do have any questions or need any help what so ever then you are going to be able to access that help instantly via the chat room.

Types of Live Casino Games

There are, as you would expect, quite a number of casino games which you can play at a live casino site, and below are several of those games, for more information on any of them then simply follow the links of a complete overview how each of those games will play and pay and operate.

You can only play card and table games via the live casino format, but there are more than enough of them and at least one of them should appeal to you, so do try and set aside some time to give them a little play time as you are sure to find them great playing games and ones you will want to return to time and time again!

Live Blackjack – You are going to love everything about playing blackjack in an online casino site offering live casino games, for those games are played at the exact same pace as blackjack games played in a land based casino.

One of the main problems of playing the software drive games as opposed to the live games is the speed at which you can play them for means you are going to experience some much more unusual runs of luck much quicker. Playing too quickly coupled with you having a losing session will often put you off playing blackjack via a software driven platform for life!

With that in mind do have a read through of our life blackjack game playing guide as it will enlighten you on what type of games and variants are on offer and will give you a lot of other valuable information including just which are the biggest live blackjack bonuses on offer!

Live Roulette – Being able to see the outcome of each roulette game you play in front of your eyes is going to be much more fun an exciting than when you choose to play casino games which are controlled by a random number generator!

If you have been longing to play some of the most life like and realistic roulette games online then you need to play those which can be accessed on a live gaming platform, as the games are played in a real life environment then you will never ever be left doubting whether you are receiving a fair and random game as you can see each game in full flow via the live video link up with the land based casino venue it is being played in!

Live Baccarat – Card games are plenty of fun to play however if you want to play one that is not going to require any skill of any great knowledge of the game then it is going to be the live baccarat games that will appeal to you the most.

When you choose to play this popular casino card game you only have three possible hands to bet on and any one of those hands could be the winning one! So do look over our guide on hot to play this card game as it will appeal to a lot of players for sure!

Live Casino Hold’em – One final casino card game that is going to give you some great playing session and one that is going to also award you with a very wide variety of winning payout is the casino card game known as Casino Hold ‘Em this games is played in a similar way to Texas Hold’em Poker.

However, you are not going to have to play against and beat other players as it is just you playing against the dealer, so you have a very fair chance of winning repeatedly when you place your money onto the betting layout!