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Live RouletteIf you choose to play live roulette games then it will be in a slightly different playing environment that you will be playing those games, and as such in this playing guide we shall let you know what those quite subtle and the very obvious differences you will find on all roulette games!

The first thing you should be aware of when you choose to play live roulette is that you will be playing against the clock and by that we mean you will only have a certain amount of time to get your bets and wagers placed on the betting layout.

Unlike when you play on software driven gaming platforms the croupier is in charge of the games on a live roulette table and it is he or she that will decide when you must place your bets and he or she will also let you know when the time is up. You will however see a small timer on the live roulette game screen and that will let you know just how long you have to place your bets onto the betting layout.

As soon as the timer reaches zero the croupier will then pick up the ball and send it spinning around the rim of the roulette wheel and the camera and live video stream will then allow you to see the ball spinning and then landing in one of the number wells.

You are going to have just a much choice in regards to the stake levels and chip values you can play live roulette for and as such you should have plenty of fun and winning opportunities if you are either a low rolling roulette player or a high rolling roulette player.

You will of course be able to earn lots of playing comp and loyalty points when playing live roulette and as such the more bets and wagers you do end up playing, no matter if those bets and wagers win or lose, you will always get lots of coin points credits to your loyalty account.

In regards to casino bonuses offered to live roulette players then you will have to hunt around as they are no usually very large deposit match type bonuses, and whatever bonus offer you do choose to utilize it will come with its own set of terms and conditions so do read them trough!

Remember that you are actively encouraged to interact with all of the other players playing live roulette on the table you are playing at and you can do just that by using the chat room feature. If you find that chat room too distracting then you can of course close it down and as such it will not be displayed on your screen.

Keep on reading for more information on how and where you can play live roulette games online as there are plenty of casinos now offer these types of game.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you will have lots of fellow players sat around the live roulette table and as you can always talk to the casino staff and those other players via a chat room, if you do have any questions then simply ask them in the chat room and someone will answer your question!

However, below you will find some of the most often asked questions form live roulette players and underneath each of those questions are the answers to each of them, so learn more about these great playing games by reading on!

  1. Who ensures live roulette games are fair?

    All live roulette games when played online at any of our featured and approved online and mobile casino sites offer those types of casino games have each been independently tested and have been certified as being complete fair and random games and each game played does have a random outcome.

    You will find the information in regards to which licensing jurisdiction has granted any of those casino sites with a full gaming license by visiting the casino websites where you will find a direct link to their gaming license and/or licensing jurisdiction.

  2. Are bonus bets available on roulette games?

    Having access to lots of Roulette games is going to ensure that you never get bored when playing at an online or even a mobile casino site, and this is why we have handpicked a range of casinos to showcase to you. Each casino offers hundreds of different games and plenty of those games will be roulette games many offering bonus bets.

    You will also find that new games are also launched very regularly onto most gaming platforms so no matter what types of casino games you love playing you will always find more than enough of them available at each of our reviewed casino sites

  3. What is best paying live roulette game?

    The roulette game which has the lowest house edge is the French Roulette game, when playing that game you will be playing a game offering players with a house edge as low as 1.35% and as such that really should be the game you are tracking down and playing online.

    To play that live roulette game you will have to sign up and play at one of our Microgaming powered casino sites as it is their standard French roulette game which has that very high payout percentage!

  4. Where should I play live roulette Online?

    If you want to deposit using any banking option and you want to play live roulette casino games online then there are plenty of top rated UK player friendly online casinos that you can pick and choose from, all fully reviewed upon our website, so have a look round as there are some generous bonuses up for grabs too.

    However, we have been a fan of thee fully licensed and regulated Party Casino for quite a while now and we do know that they accept deposits by various different methods and have lots of casino games on offer, plus you can play those games for low stakes if you like or even for free!