Live Blackjack real money UK casino sites with Live Dealers

Live BlackjackThere is one thing to always keep at the forefront of you mind when you choose to play online blackjack games, and that is each game and variant you will come across will always have its own built in house edge.

The house edge is a theoretical amount of cash that any casino site is going to expect to win off each player over the long term, and the house edge of each game available can and will vary. You need to find the game which offers the very lowest house edge to play for real money as those games will give you the best chance of winning.

However, you will always need to know who to play every hand you have been dealt out perfectly as playing any blackjack game incorrectly will instantly increase the casinos house edge which they will love!

The basic aim of any blackjack game you do play is for you to be dealt out a series of cards that do not go over 21 in value but a series of cards that are higher in value than that of the dealers’ hand. You will be paid out at odds of even money when your hand beats the dealers’ hand.

However, if you are dealt out any ace and a ten valued card that is known as a blackjack hand and if your blackjack hand wins the game then the winning payout on most variants is 3 to 2.

An optional insurance bet is also available on most blackjack games which pays out at odds of 2 to 1 and that bet is offered when the dealer is showing an ace and then if you take the insurance bet and the dealers hand is a blackjack hand namely he gets any ten valued card alongside the ace then you have placed a winning bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you start to play live blackjack game you are going to find you will have a very realistic type of playing session and the games are played at a much more relaxed pace than all of the software driven blackjack games offered by all online casino sites.

If you have made your mind up that you are winning to give some of these types of games some play time online but have a few questions then there is a very good chance those questions will be answered in the following section!

  1. Where can I play blackjack casino games?

    If you do want to play blackjack casino games then you will find lots of them on offer at all of our top rated UK casino sites, and as you do have choice then you should stick to playing the games which can be configured for a stake level that is affordable to you and your bankroll!

    Blackjack casino games are on offer at one of our highly rated casino sites that being the 32Red Casino and if you wish to give them a try then checkout our review of this first class casino as they are giving away to all new blackjack players some very large sign up welcome bonuses which you can claim instantly!

  2. Where can I play Microgaming online slots?

    Microgaming has lots of live casino games available and we do of course have the very best online and mobile casinos using their gaming platforms fully reviewed upon this website, if you are seeking such a site to play at then head on over to the 7Sultans Casino site.

  3. What live blackjack game has the lowest house edge?

    The live blackjack game which has the lowest house edge is the Playtech live blackjack game, when playing that game you will be playing a game offering players with a house edge as low as 0.57% and as such that really should be the game you are tracking down and playing online.

    To play that live blackjack game you will have to sign up and play at one of our Playtech powered casino sites as it is their live blackjack game which has that very low house edge!

  4. What live Blackjack player bonuses can I use?

    If you wish to boost the value of your casino account and get a live blackjack game bonus added to your account balance at any online casino sites then you will find there are a lot of different those bonuses that you will be able to claim and make full use of.

    First time real money live blackjack casino game players who sign up to all of our approved casino sites will be able to claim some very large deposit match bonuses and those bonuses are instantly credited to your account upon you making that initial deposit, so look around and claim as many of the live blackjack casino bonuses as you can!

  5. What new live casino games are on offer?

    As a live casino player you may be wondering if there are any new live games on offer, well you will be pleased to know that lots of new games do get released each month at most of our featured casino sites and it is the case that many of those games are live games!

    All live casino games do of course come with their own payout percentages and house edges, and when you do come across a new one you should be looking for one that has a very low house edge with a high payout percentage, as they will be the very best variants to play.

  6. Do Playtech casinos have live blackjack games?

    Playtech have some of the very highest paying live blackjack and other live casino games and we have several of the highest rated online and mobile casinos reviewed on this website that use Playtech’s state of the art gaming platforms. One site that comes very highly recommended is Titan Bet Casino who has a large and instantly credited bonus to give away to all new players!