Real Money Blackjack Casino Sites

BlackjackIf you have decided that you would like to start playing blackjack game online but have not yet go a full understanding of how they work and operate then he following guide will be of great use to you. We are going to be taking a look through every aspect of how to play blackjack online and then you will be able to make up your own mind as to whether it is something you could like to get involved in!

The first thing to note about playing any blackjack game is how to play, the blackjack games use a random number generator that will determine just which cards are dealt out, you first have to place a stake of any amount onto the blackjack table which can be as low as £1 or as high as £2000 depending on just which online casino site and blackjack game you are playing.

Best Casino Sites
No. Casino Sites Available On Bonus
1. 888casino 888casino
2. Betway Casino Betway Casino

Once you have placed your wager by clicking your chips onto the blackjack table the dealer will then deal you out two initial cards and will display one card face up in front of him and that face up card is the dealers’ first card.

You will be aiming to try and better the dealers hand by getting a value of the playing cards of 21 or less in value and you have to base what you do with your initial two cards based on what card you can see the dealer is displaying. You will be able to stand your hand by clicking on the stand button and when you do that the dealer will then play off his hand.

You can choose to double down your hand when it is of a certain value and to do that you need to place another wager of the same value onto the blackjack table as your original bet and in exchange for that additional bet one more card is dealt out o your hand.

You are also allow to split some matching cards into two speared hands that is known as splitting a hand and you can do that when you get a pair of card with the same value such as 2 x 4’s you need to place another wager equal top your initial bet onto the new hand formed when you split cards and then play off each hand individually.

If you want additional card being deal out to your hand you can hit that hand and by doing so you will not have to pay anything else to get those additional cards. If your hand beats the dealers hand you are paid out at odds of even money, unless your hand is a blackjack hands which is an ace and any ten valued card if your hand beats the dealers hand with a blackjack hand you are paid out at odds of 3 to 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are looking to play blackjack game online then you will need to locate a first class casino site at which to play those games and also play each hand perfectly. You can also find out more about live blackjack which has a real dealer participate in the action. However, there may be a chance that you have never played any type of blackjack game online before.

Should that be the case the following questions and answers should be enable you to get a much better understanding of how to play these types of casino card games and what is on offer to you if you do decide to give them some play time online or on a mobile device!

  1. Can I claim any Blackjack bonuses?If you wish to boost the value of your casino account and get a blackjack game bonus added to your account balance at any online casino sites then you will find there are a lot of different those bonuses that you will be able to claim and make full use of.

    First time real money blackjack players who sign up to all of our approved casino sites will be able to claim some very large deposit match bonuses and those bonuses are instantly credited to your account upon you making that initial deposit, so look around and claim as many of the blackjack game casino bonuses as you can!

  2. What is best paying online blackjack game?The blackjack game which has the lowest house edge is the Classic Blackjack game, when playing that game you will be playing a game offering players with a house edge as low as 0.13% and as such that really should be the game you are tracking down and playing online.

    To play that Classic Blackjack game you will have to sign up and play at one of our Microgaming powered casino sites as it is their Classic Blackjack game which has that very low house edge.

  3. Can I really win playing online blackjack games?If you are wondering how fair and true the blackjack games are at all online casinos those games are available at, you are assured they are completely random. But the house edges and payout percentages do vary depending on the unique game play rules and payouts that can be awarded

    Blackjack casino game players should therefore before they start to play, ensure the variants they have chosen to play have the very best payouts and play and pay with the highest payout percentages and the lowest house edges to get maximum value from their real money game play!

  4. Where can I play multi stake blackjack online?Playing blackjack games you could have hours of fun and winning opportunities and if you are seeking out a casino site at which to find those types of casino games then make sure you take a good look over our review of the Foxy Casino for they really are a great casino.

    There gaming suite is huge and continues to grow each month as more and more casino games are added onto their gaming platform, however with their multi stake blackjack games always on offer you should give them a try and also claim that casinos new player sign up bonus as it is a big one!