BMJ Says Gambling Stakeholders Should Not Set Gambling Regulations February 2, 2022 Mike Ashley

BMJ Says Gambling Stakeholders Should Not Set Gambling Regulations

The British Medical Journal warns on gambling regulationsSummary

  • BMJ says gambling stakeholders should not be involved in gambling regulations
  • Highlights major conflict of interest
  • Asks lawmakers to get gambling stakeholders to prove lack of harm

A Special Commission is currently reviewing the outdated 2005 Gambling Act in the UK. Anti-gambling opponents have been campaigning for the last decade to have the 2005 Gambling Act amended as it does not provide sufficient protection to British players.

The Special Committee is expected to complete their review of the 2005 Gambling Act and submit a whitepaper regarding their recommendations and suggestions in the next few months. Gambling stakeholders are also being asked for their input as the Special Committee is keen on taking information from all sides before finalizing its recommendations.

BMJ Points To Conflict Of Interest

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has been keeping a watch on the increase of gambling addiction in the UK and the process surrounding the 2005 Gambling Act review. The BMJ recently pointed out that there is a massive and obvious conflict of interest by having gambling stakeholders submit their input to the Special Committee and influence the 2005 Gambling Act.

BMJ released a statement and said it made no logical sense to get the gambling industry involved in setting gambling regulations. The statement said that tobacco companies do not play any role in putting together regulations on the tobacco industry and hence it was unfair to get gambling stakeholders to participate in designing new gambling regulations in the UK.

The BMJ said the current approach taken by the UK government is wrong as they are looking to fix issues with problem gamblers instead of going to the root of the problem and find out why players are succumbing to problem gambling.

The BMJ statement did not mince words as it pointed to the fact that gambling stakeholders are able to have a say in gambling regulations because they control a lot of funds and decide which political campaigns get donations.

Prove Lack Of Harm

The statement pointed to real issues that problem gamblers and their families face on a daily basis. Brits who are struggling with serious problem gambling habits and financial problems prefer to spend their money gambling and betting instead of paying their electricity bill and heating their homes.

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