Why Do Some Players Only Play Classic Slot Machines? April 18, 2023 Mike Ashley

Why Do Some Players Only Play Classic Slot Machines?

I am aware that some of you out there that do enjoy playing slot machines, but always tend to play video slots and ones that offer one or more bonus games, and those slots do tend to be the much more exciting slots to play.

However, Classic Slots are much more basic slots, and ones that only have three reels and rarely if ever offer players the chance of triggering any time of bonus games or bonus features, so you may be wondering why any player would ever want to play such slots.

Well one of the reasons is that the offer a no nonsense, and fast playing type of structure and one on which players soon know their fate, for once the reels stop spinning they will instantly know whether they have won or not.

It is also worth me pointing out that some Classic slots available at casinos that accept Gamstop users also offer players higher than average payout percentages, and at the end of the day any slot that does boast a higher payout percentage is going to be worth playing, for over the long term, players will get more winning payouts based on the stakes they are feeding through the slot.

One thing to keep in mind too though, is that some Classic Slots also let players wager more than one coin per spin and in return for playing for a higher stake amount the paybacks for certain winning combinations are enhanced, so it can often be worth playing for maximum coins to take advantage of those much higher paybacks.

Some Classic Slot games can also offer players the chance of winning a progressive jackpot, but if you do play those types of slots, make sure that you look at how the jackpots are won and awarded, as often you have to play for a certain stake level to have the progressive jackpot aspect of the slot activated and in play.

Other Slot Machines Worth Playing

To help you decide which, if any slot machines to play online, please do read on for below are several popular slot categories that many other players do enjoy playing.

Video Slots – Free spins, wheel spinning bonus games and even pick and win or pick and match bonus games are often on offer on video slot machines, and with sampled sound effects and often fully animated reel symbols they are the most played and therefore the most popular slot machines you will find online.

Progressives – A small amount of every single players stakes are fed into the jackpot pool or pools on progressive slots, and therefore any jackpots on offer grow and grow in value until won. Many progressive slots offer multi-million pound jackpots and that fact alone does make them hugely popular with players all over the world.

AWP and Fruit Machines – AWP or as they are also known Amusement with Prizes or Fruit Machines are a type go slot game which are designed to give players the maximum entertainment as they are playing them. They certainly do achieve that due to the fact they award a huge number of extremely regular bonus games and bonus features, so do consider tracking some of them down and giving them a try one day soon.

Fixed Odd Slot Games – You have to pick one of the pay table listed winning combinations, or more than one of them when you are playing fixed odds slot machines to bet on, and then hope it will spin in. One of those winning combinations shown on the pay table is by the way, guaranteed to spin in, but not betting on the winning one will result in you losing.

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