What’s a Good Stake to Wager Per Spin Playing Online Slots? March 27, 2023 Mike Ashley

What’s a Good Stake to Wager Per Spin Playing Online Slots?

stake to wager per spin on online slotToday I will be taking a look at one aspect of playing slot machines online, that all real money players will need to factor into their gaming sessions, and that is just what is going to be the best stake to set per spin when playing a range of different slots.

The one thing that is important to note however, is that most slot machines these days that can be accessed and played online for real money, will give you plenty of different staking options, so you will always be in full control over just how much you wager per spin.

However, having said that there are three main types of slot machines, which are often categorized based on the level of risk they offer players, and they are the low risk slots often referred to as low variance slots, following by medium risk slots, and no surprise to find out they are known as medium variance slots.

The highest risk slots that you will find available online are aptly called high variance slots, and they are designed in such a way that you will have the chance of winning big on any spin, but due to the way that they have been designed you do stand the very real chance of losing and rather quickly too.

When playing low variance slots they are designed in such a way that you are going to get plenty of winning spins, albeit low in value and as such if you have a 100.00 bankroll then they are slots you could play for 1.00, safe in the knowledge that over the long term you will get plenty of spins out of your bankroll.

If however you want to play any of the thousands of medium variance slots, then once again if you have a bankroll of let’s say 100.00 then a good stake to play them for is 0.50 per spin, as by doing so at the very least you are going to get 200 spins out of your bankroll, but probably much more due to your recycling any winnings that you have achieved when playing.

As for high variance slots, well you are always going to need to be aware of the risk of playing such slots, and with a bankroll of 100.00 you will be best advised to play such slots for around 0.25 per spin or as near to that amount as the game permits you to play for.

Do also keep in mind that you can always make sue of deposit match type bonuses at most casino sites and by making use of them you will be able to extend the amount of play time you get out of your bankroll by claiming those bonus credits.

The downside of accepting and utilizing a casino bonus offer however is that you are always going to be up against the house edge of each slot and of course will need to achieve the play through requirements attached to each bonus too.

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