Ways In Which The iGaming Industry Can Benefit From AI June 4, 2021 Mike Ashley

Ways In Which The iGaming Industry Can Benefit From AI

Artificial Intelligence in iGamingArtificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more common in our day to day lives whether we know it or not. AI today is used to improve services to users in the fields of hospitality, healthcare, customer service, and retail. This is in addition to the widespread use of AI in mobile phones, specifically in virtual personal assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri.

One untapped market for AI is the online gambling industry. Here are some potential benefits that AI could bring to online casinos.

AI can expedite the account opening process for players. In a process called onboarding, sites ask punters to submit information and documents to confirm their ability to play on their site. Online casinos can delegate this arduous task to AI, which will speed up the onboarding—allowing players to start sooner, while freeing up Customer Support resources to more important matters.

AI can also help online casinos generate tailored content, which is a big boost, as punters enjoy content they feel is personalized for them. AI can help gather information about a specific punter to know more about what they like, which can then be used to present a landing page comprised of content they will likely enjoy.

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Customer Support can also be optimized via AI, which would benefit both players and the online casino—not only will customers be happy, casinos will have more of their Customer Support staff free for more pressing player concerns. The simplest way of enacting AI in this area is by deploying a chatbot for frequently asked inquiries.

AI Can Optimize Marketing and Spot Problems Sooner

AI can also improve marketing for online casinos. Due to the massive amounts of player data AI can collate and organize, operators can make use of the data to develop more effective advertising strategies based on quantifiable data.

Lastly, online casinos can benefit from AI in detecting and apprehending problem gamblers, as well as cheaters and other malicious actors present on their site. Due to the AI’s ability to collate massive reams of data quickly, players who exhibit suspicious behaviors in their wagering can immediately be spotted. This helps online casinos identify money launderers and problem gamblers—among other customers that can lead to trouble for the casino later on.

While some aspects of AI still require fine-tuning, online casinos especially mobile would be well-served by paying attention to the latest developments in the field.

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