UK Study Links Discrimination & Gambling Harm Amongst Minority Groups March 31, 2023 Mike Ashley

UK Study Links Discrimination & Gambling Harm Amongst Minority Groups

Problem Gambling amongst Minority groupsSummary:

  • Minority communities were more likely to experience gambling harm
  • The study identifies a potential link between discrimination and gambling harm
  • GambleAware calls for further research on the gambling experiences of those from Minority communities

New research recently published by GambleAware shows that gambling participation among people from Minority groups was lower than among White British people, but those who gamble from Minority groups were more likely to experience gambling harm than their White counterparts.

The study highlights discrimination as one of the key factors for higher levels of gambling harm among Minority groups in the UK though with GamStop this can be reduced further..

Minority Groups More Likely to Experience Gambling Harm

The research, conducted by Ipsos UK and ClearView Research, with support from the University of Manchester, examines the differences in gambling behavior and gambling harms experiences between those belonging to Minority groups and people from White British Majority groups. A total of 1,220 people from the Minority groups and 1,779 White Brits participated in the survey conducted from May 19-25, 2022.

The study found lower rates of individuals gambling in Minority groups which was 31% when compared individuals in White British Majority groups which was at 48%. What is alarming though is the study found that individuals from Minority groups were twice as likely (42 percent) to succumb to gambling harm when compared to White Brits (20 percent).

The research identified several factors associated with higher levels of gambling harm among people from minority groups, and one of them is discrimination.

Discrimination Linked to Gambling Harm

Survey results show that those from Minority groups experiencing gambling harm are more likely to have experienced discrimination in public than those who don’t gamble or have not experienced gambling harm.

The study also found that people from a Minority background are slightly less likely than White British people to seek support and treatment for their gambling problems mainly because of fear of judgment and stigma (58% vs. 61%).

The findings have been described as “alarming” by GambleAware CEO Zoe Osmond who called for further research and investigation on the gambling harm experiences of those from Minority groups. She said the research highlights the need for tailored solutions for these particular communities and that any barrier to accessing support must be addressed.

Nicola Moss, Head of Ipsos North, shares a similar view, saying further studies especially among treatment providers would be a great help in achieving better access to support services tailored to various Minority groups.

GambleAware is set to release a follow-up study focusing on the link between racism, discrimination, and gambling harms later this year.

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