Should I Use the Buy a Bonus Feature on Slot Games? February 20, 2023 Mike Ashley

Should I Use the Buy a Bonus Feature on Slot Games?

example of a buy a bonus feature on online slot gameYou may have spotted on more and more recent slot machine releases, an option whereby you can automatically trigger the bonus game offered by that slot on the next spin, which is sure to be appealing to many of you out there.

But, and this is a big but, there is a downside of taking that side bet option and that is the cost of that spin on which you are guaranteed to trigger the bonus game can be a huge multiple of the base game stake.

Many such buy a bonus options as they are known will see the cost of that spin being a whopping 100 times the stake you are playing for, and as such if you do play such a slot and were playing for 2.00 per spin, by making use of that buy a bet feature that spin will cost you a huge 200.00.

Now, you may be of the mindset that a bonus game can often be a huge paying one, and as such the cost of the buy a bonus is worth taking, however, as anyone with any experience of playing slot machines will tell you, a bonus game can often be poor paying or even could result in you not winning anything.

At the end of the day though, the slot machine will have its long term expected payout percentage, and as such by taking the buy a bonus option you are always up against that payout percentage.

As such, if you do nothing else but play a slot machine using the buy a bet option then over your long term play you will achieve the payout percentage the slot has been set to, but on your journey there will experience losing and winning sessions.

The risks of losing huge amounts of cash are very real when taking the buy a bonus option and as such you should avoid doing so.

In fact, in the United Kingdom the Gambling Commission have taken the decision to ban such options being available on any slot machines available at online and mobile casino sites that hold one of their gambling licenses so you will not find it offered when playing at such a casino site.

However, casinos that are licensed in other countries of the world can and do offer that side bet option, so be aware of that fact when you set about playing at a non GamStop casino site as you will find plenty of slots that may offer that feature and you could be tempted to make use of it.

One way that you could see for yourself at first-hand just how risking that buy a bonus option is will be by playing a slot that offers it via the free play demo mode version of the game, and once you do try it out you will probably make up your own mind as to whether you should give it a try or not.

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