Red Tiger Release Their Stunning Blood Suckers Megaways Slot April 18, 2023 Mike Ashley

Red Tiger Release Their Stunning Blood Suckers Megaways Slot

They are of course the slot machines that really have caught the imagination of players all over the world, and I am more than confident that you will have played the high risk Megaways slots at one time or another recently, if of course you are an avid slot player.

Thanks to a fair licensing agreement, many different slot design studios have been able to launch their own slots using the Megaways engine, and as such there are loads of different slots using it available online.

Red Tiger Gaming have just launched their latest version, that being the Blood Suckers Megaways slot, and I do have to say they have spared no expense to make it one hell of a good slot and one players will very quickly warm to.

If you haven’t yet come across that new slot, which is being rolled out at all casino sites and casino apps that utilize Red Tiger’s range of casino games, then please do read on for a deeper insight into just what it has to offer you.

The Megaways Engine

Megaways slots can be played at non Gamstop casinos and offer an extremely unique type of playing structure, most of the slots using it have 6 reels and that is the case with the Blood Suckers Megaways slot.

One thing that slot doesn’t have is a set in stone number of pay lines or ways to win, for once you send the reels spinning a random number of reel symbols will appear on all six reels and every single way to win will be covered by your single stake amount.

Therefore for example you could have well over 10,000 ways to win forming as the reels finally come to a stop and that is part and parcel of why those slots are so hugely popular with players.

In fact, if enough reel symbols do appear on all six reels it is possible to have a mind-blowing 117,649 ways to win in place. so you could win a huge slot jackpot

The coin values are of course fully adjustable and as such if you do want to give this new slot a whirl you will find it is suitable for both low rollers and high rollers and everyone in between.

You can also give this new slot some play time online at no risk whatsoever as it is available in a  demo mode version of the game. I would certainly advise you play Megaways slots for free initially if you have never come across them before until you get a first-hand experience of how they play and pay.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

There is a lot to like about the inner workings of the Blood Suckers Megaways slot, and as such allow me to give you a quick run through of each of them, for you could trigger any or even all of them if you do decide to set aside a slot playing session on that Red Tiger slot machine.

Chain Reaction – If you are lucky enough to form a winning combination then you will be awarded with the Chain Reaction bonus feature and based on the huge number of ways to win in place as you play this slot, you will certainly trigger that feature quite a lot of times.

Once you have been awarded the winning payout for your initial winning combination or combinations the symbols that formed it or them will disappear and all of the symbols above those now missing will drop down to fill in the gaps.

Therefor you could form additional winning combinations, and if you do so then the Chain Reaction feature is awarded to you and will continue to do so until such a time that you do not form any winning combinations.

Coffin Features – You will be hoping to see a Coffin appears as you play off any base game spin for when you do you have to try and kill the Vampire hiding within that coffin and by doing so you will then be awarded with one of several unique features as your reward.

Random Wilds – You can be awarded with the Random Wilds feature and if you are lucky enough to do so then you will see from 2 to 10 wild symbols being added to the reels and obviously the more of them you get and where they land, will have an effect on just how much you can win from that bonus feature.

Bonus Scatters – This bonus feature as the name suggest, will see you being given 2, 3 or even 4 scatter symbols which will of course aid your quest to trigger what could just turn out to be a mega paying free spins bonus game.

Super Wilds – This feature really can end up being a potentially huge paying one, for it can award you with a maximum of two Super Wild symbols which are going to come with multipliers than can boost the value of any and all winning combinations that they help to form by a huge x7 their pay table listed payout amounts.

Wins Multiplier – When you are randomly awarded with the Win Multiplier you are going to see any winning combinations formed on your spin by the value of the displayed multiplier, there are three that can be revealed onscreen and they are multipliers worth x2, x3 or even a much higher x5, so you will of course be hoping for the latter multiplier being revealed.

Free Spins – Spinning in at least three or the scatter symbols will see you then being rewarded with a set of free spins, you are initially awarded with five free spins, but each scatter symbol that triggered the feature can also award you with additional free spins as you need to then play off a picking styled round to reveal additional free spins hiding behind the items displayed on the screen, which by the way are Coffins.

However you may also reveal random wilds, super wilds or even multipliers when playing off that picking game which will all come into play during your free spins bonus round.

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