Gambling Therapy Is The Best Solution For Problem Gamblers To Kick The Habit June 4, 2021 Mike Ashley

Gambling Therapy Is The Best Solution For Problem Gamblers To Kick The Habit

Gordon Moody AssociationThe United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has tried many different strategies to reduce and curb the spread of problem gambling in the UK.

The UK has a serious problem with gambling addiction as both adults and children have succumbed to problem gambling.

While the UKGC continues to look at ways to address this issue, the best solution that continues to work is providing problem gamblers with therapy.

The Gordon Moody Association (GMA) is one of the main providers of gambling care in the UK and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021.

The GMA is the first residential treatment facility in the UK specifically tailored toward problem gamblers. The GMA has expanded with every passing year and now offers five distinct programs to meet the specific needs of recovering punters. The GMA is not just restricted to the UK though as gambling addiction is a problem throughout the world.

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The international division of the GMA, Gambling Therapy (GT), has operated for 12 years. GT’s support is available via helpline in over 250 different languages, accessible online via mobile app, forums, or groups.

GMA Ready To Offer Assistance

The key to GMA’s success has been its ability to keep up with the times. GMA utilizes data modeling to get a sense of current gambling trends, in order to respond better to modern gambling habits.

The user base GMA serves grows with every year. In 2020, GMA’s website was visited 5.2 million times, an 11% increase from last year and handled roughly 5,400 calls from their hotline, 127% more than they did the previous year. In the previous quarter, 83% of the calls were logged as meaningful—that is, not queries related to operator accounts which reveals just how important the service is to punters.

In recent years, mobile devices have driven most of GMA’s traffic, with almost 80%. GMA is now relied upon by punters outside the UK, who have surpassed local calls for the first time this year. Currently, GMA has logged an increasing number of calls from the USA, Brazil, and Russia.

Expanding Resources In 2020

GMA has helped punters all over the world, especially those who are serious problem gamblers. Despite the fact that many callers to GMA are often at rock bottom or quite close to it, GMA continues to persevere in their mission to help them recover.

To better serve their users, GMA often allocates serious calls to the most experienced of their staff. Due to the heavy nature of their work, GMA staff is also provided clinical supervisors on hand to help them get through their important jobs.

GMA has stepped up to the challenge repeatedly. This year, GMA plans to expand their language support to help struggling gamblers, as well as launch a fresh website in September that will eventually host 24/7 global support, targeted especially to those in underserved regions, such as South and Central America.

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