Dare You Play the New Live Cash or Crash Casino Game? April 17, 2023 Mike Ashley

Dare You Play the New Live Cash or Crash Casino Game?

Cash or Crash LiveYou are always going to have plenty of choice as to just which casino games you can get stuck into playing when logged into any of our top rated and fully approved non GamStop casino sites, but most players these days tend to head straight to the live casino games.

The reason for them doing so it simple, those games often number the dozens if not hundreds and offer by far and away the most exciting and enjoyable gaming experience and with loads of different games on offer, there will be plenty of them that appeal to every individual player too.

However, one game that some of you out there are bound to find highly appealing is the new Live Cash or Crash game, which could see you being awarded with winning payouts as high as a mind-blowing 50,000 times your chosen stake amount.

If you have not yet stumbled upon that game then please do read on to discover how to play it, for if you like and enjoy playing some of the most strategic casino games online then there is no doubt you will love everything about Cash or Crash for sure.

How to Play Cash or Crash

There is nothing overly complicated regarding the design and structure of the Cash or Crash live casino games, and the ways it works is simple.

You are first required to select a wager that you wish to have in place for the next game and once you have done so and the game then gets underway, you will see the game show Host presenting you with the Cash or Crash machine.

Inside that machine are 28 balls, 19 of them are green, 8 of them are red and one of them is gold in colour.

What you will be hoping happens once the game gets underway is that as many green balls or even the gold ball gets fired out of the machine and none of the red balls.

When a green ball is fired out of that machine the prize ladder is activated and you will see you move up one rung of that ladder, you are then presented with a choice and that is to either take the cash amount you have arrived at displayed on the cash ladder or risk it all by playing on.

As long as green balls get fired out of the machine you will keep on rising up the ladder, however if a red one appears then its game over and you will lost what you had won up until that point in time.

You also have the option of collecting half of your winnings and risking the remaining half by playing on. If however the one single gold ball rolls out of the machine then that acts as a shield and protects you from one red ball that many appear in that single game by cancelling it out.

The gold ball can also increase the value of winning payouts on the cash ladder too, so do keep your eyes for that ball making an appearance.


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