Using POLi Payments To Fund Casino Account

POLiThere is a casino banking service which is probably not really going to be of interest to you if you are a UK resident with a UK back account and that service is POLi. What POLi allows their users to do is to use it to link up their bank accounts to their casino accounts and as such you can then transfer money into and out of your bank account instantly.

However, as all UK banks give out to their account holders a debit card then as a UK online or mobile casino player you are going to be able to use your debit card to move money into any casino accounts you have and also you will be able to request your winnings be sent back to your bank account that is linked up to that debit card.

However, if you for example hold an Australian bank account but you are currently resident in the UK then this will be a service worth using, as you can then link up your Australian bank account to any casino site account and then move money into and out of these bank accounts and casino sites instantly and in real time.

You do however need to be over the age of 18 to use POLi and also be over the age of 18 to legally gamble online in the UK, and all casino sites will require you to send in identification if they are unable to verify your identity digitally!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you still have a few additional questions that you would like to answers to as to how you can start using the POLi payments system then you will find many of the most commonly asked questions by first time users of their service and the respective answers to those questions below.

Should you be interested in signing up to use POLi then you ill of course need to visits the website and whilst you are there please do have a good look around as you will find it very informative!

  1. Will I be charged anything to use POLi?Fortunately POLi is completely free of charge to use and as such if you do decide to use their services and link up your bank account to any online or mobile casino site account then you are never going to be charged any fees for moving money around!

    That is something worth knowing for you will often find when using a web wallet for example there will be a large number of fees and charges that can and will be forced upon you when you use those web wallets to move money into and out of a casino site account.

  2. What deposit limits are in place when using POLi?You will find some very low and some quite high deposit limits are in place if you choose to use the POLi payments service, however it is usually the case that those limits can and will vary depending on just which casino site you are playing at.

    With that in mind checkout the banking pages on the casino website that you are thinking of playing at for details of their current POLi deposit limits!

  3. When I make a deposit what casino games can I play?By depositing by POLi you will find that you are going to have a very large and very diverse of casino games available to you if you stick to playing at our showcased online and mobile casino sites, UK players always have plenty of choice and access to every single new casino game.

    If you want to play some brand new games then checkout our casino reviews as you will find the casinos we have handpicked to showcase to you will offer you the ability to fund your account using POLi and as such you can make a deposit in seconds and be playing the exact games that have caught your attention at those sites straight away!

  4. Will I get a bonus for using POLi?If you choose to use POLi as the way you fund an online or mobile casino account then you will find there are a lot of different POLi bonuses that you will be able to claim and make full use of.

    First time POLi depositors who sign up to all of our approved casino sites will be able to claim some very large deposit match bonuses and those bonuses are instantly credited to your account upon you making that initial deposit, so look around and claim as many of the POLi bonuses as you can!

  5. Which casinos can I use POLi at?You will find plenty of casino games and you can deposit by POLi at many of our featured online casino sites, but if you want to checkout just one of them we can highly recommend to you the 888 Casino site, for they have a very wide range of games which should give you hours of fun.

    Plus it is worth us pointing out that if you do not already have an account at 888 Casino then now is the perfect time to sign up for by checking out our review of this casino you will find we have been able to negotiate a very generous sign up bonus for all new players and it’s a very big one too!

  6. What will be the highest paying games?If you do decide to make a deposit using POLi and wish to play the games which offer players the very lowest house edges, then it should be the blackjack games you are looking to play online or the video poker games which are famed for their very high payout percentages.

    All of our listed and approved mobile and online casino sites will accept POLi as a banking option, and those video poker games and blackjack games on offer at those sites will come with lots of different staking options, so they can be set to play for very low or very high stakes.