Real money PaySafeCard Casino Sites UK

paysafecardThere is a great way available to everyone in the UK to allow them to fund any online or mobile casino account and this is by you using a service known as the PaySafeCard service. They offer a pre paid voucher system and as such when you choose to use it you are never going to be forced to give an online casino your personal banking details.

All that you need to do for you to be able to use this service is visit and Pay Point or Pay Zone retail outlet in the UK of which there are thousands of local shops which sell them and offer those two services.

Once you visit such a shop you then request a PaySafeCard and then hand over cash to the value of the voucher you want printed off, the shop will then give you a unique voucher on which a long code is printed and then you enter that code into the banking interface of the casino site you wish to play at.

All PaySafeCard transactions are going to be performed instantly and as such your funds will then be credited to your casino account in real time and therefore instantly. You do however have to be over the age of 18 to both buy those vouchers and gable online, and if you do not look over the age of 18 then the store assistant will ask your for some form of identification!

You will find that you are not going to have to pay any fees or charges when you buy a PaySafeCard voucher and that does of course mean it is a very cost effective method to use, as long as there is a shop local to where you live!

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be noting too complicated in regards to using the services that are offered by PaySafeCard, for there are going to be plenty of shops that will see their vouchers and you only need to enter the code into an online casinos banking interface to redeem them instantly.

However, you may have some questions that you want the answers to and below is a few of those questions and their answers. If you want to locate a shop near to you that sells PaySafeCard vouchers then visit the website and use the store locator tool.

  1. Can I by a PaySafeCard voucher for any amount?There is a minimum amount that you can buy a PaySafeCard voucher for this is usually around the £20 mark. One thing to note is that if you have a casino account in a different currency to GBP you will still be able to fund those accounts with a GBP PaySafeCard voucher as the banking interface at the casino site you are playing at will do the necessary exchange rate conversion for you.
  2. What daily PaySafeCard deposit limits are there?If you wish to make a deposit using a PaySafeCard then you will be find that the amount you can deposit per day, week or month will be down to the rules in place at the online or mobile casino site you are playing at.You will be able to also set your own session limits, and with that in mind if you would like to ensure you never overspend then utilize those session limits and put into place a sensible maximum deposit cap on your PaySafeCard deposits.
  3. Where can I play casino games using PaySafeCard?If you do want to play real money casino games then you will find lots of them on offer at all of our top rated UK casino sites, and as you do have choice then you should stick to playing the games which can be configured for a stake level that is affordable to you and your bankroll!PaySafeCard deposits and casino games are on offer at one of our highly rated casino sites that being the 32Red Casino and if you wish to give them a try then checkout our review of this first class casino as they are giving away to all new PaySafeCard depositing players some very large sign up welcome bonuses which you can claim instantly!
  4. Which games should I play when depositing by PaySafeCard?If you do decide to make a deposit using PaySafeCard and wish to play the games which offer players the very lowest house edges, then it should be the blackjack games you are looking to play online or the video poker games which are famed for their very high payout percentages.All of our listed and approved mobile and online casino sites will accept PaySafeCard as a banking option, and those video poker games and blackjack games on offer at those sites will come with lots of different staking options, so they can be set to play for very low or very high stakes.
  5. How do I find a shop that sells PaySafeCard vouchers?You will find that lots of shops do now sell PaySafeCard vouchers, however if you visit the PaySafeCard website they have as store locating tool on that website. You simply need to enter your post code and then a list of all of the shops nearby to where you live will be displayed.
  6. What types and variety of casino games can I play?By depositing by PaySafeCard you will find that you are going to have a very large and very diverse of casino games available to you if you stick to playing at our showcased online and mobile casino sites, UK players always have plenty of choice and access to every single new casino game.If you want to play some brand new games then checkout our casino reviews as you will find the casinos we have handpicked to showcase to you will offer you the ability to fund your account using PaySafeCard and as such you can make a deposit in seconds and be playing the exact games that have caught your attention at those sites straight away!