Online Slots To Get New Regulations By The UKGC June 4, 2021 Mike Ashley

Online Slots To Get New Regulations By The UKGC

Online SlotsLicensed gambling operators in the United Kingdom (UK) were patiently waiting to see what would be the outcome of the review of the 2005 Gambling Act. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has announced a string of stringent measures that have been put in place to offer Brits better protection at online gambling sites.

The most popular gaming offering at online casinos are slot games. These games of chance are easy to play and tend to be very popular with both the older and younger generation.

The UKGC has put in place a number of stringent measures that particularly target slot games. All licensed iGaming operators will have to comply with these new rules before 31 October, 2021.

UKGC data shows that slot games make up 70 percent of all iGaming activity in the UK. The average spend per month is also higher on slot games as stats show that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brit players ended up spending £45 on online sports betting, £36 on table and live dealer casino games and £67 on slots.

The new rules will require casino operators to ensure that there is no autoplay feature in place for any slot game, a minimum 2.5 seconds wait time is present between each spin, a player’s total wins and losses must be displayed at all times during the game and slot games should not have features that will allow the players to assume they have control over the game or give them the option to speed up play.

Some of the other demands include removing the option for operators to reverse withdrawals. This happens when a player requests a cashout but then later changes their mind and decides to cancel the cashout and have the funds sent back to their account.

These new regulations will significantly impact online casino operators who depend heavily on slot revenue. Online poker games have not been impacted by the new regulations and should be able to operate as usual.

Sports Betting Could Be Next In Line

The UKGC is expected to focus next on the growing sports betting market in the UK. The review will focus on the relationship between betting operators and sporting organizations, players and staff.

The UK has a massive sports betting market and gambling operators have leverage celebrities, sports stars and teams to advertise and marketing their gambling products and services.

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