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Hi, I'm Mike Ashley, an avid follower of the UK gambling scene and an online gaming expert with over 15 years of experience. Welcome and thanks for visiting my website which focuses on helping players who are unclear as to where they can gamble due to Gamstop bans. We provide useful guides and an array of options that have been tested and reviewed for all gamblers alike.

I started this website with the single purpose of helping players and bettors, who may have been left behind, better understand the nature of GamStop – what it is, why it exists, what benefits there are as a result, and naturally - what downsides.

Today, gambling in the United Kingdom is facing serious regulatory pressure and while many will argue that this is for the better, it's forcing the industry to size-back on its offer to meet with stretched safety norms. GamStop is definitely a force for good in the gambling climate of our country, but it has also forced bookies and casinos to turn down players who have excluded themselves on one occasion or another.

While this is not the norm, I have felt the urgency to create a website that helps you play not only at those GamStop websites, but also explore some of the viable alternatives that may yet bring some excellent value to your next gaming session.

Put another way, GamStop has been around for only a few years now while respected and well-established brands now have a decade of experience and more. With this said, I am keen on exploring what alternatives to these types of bookies and casino sites there may be.

In fact, my experience of over 20 years as a gambler has taught me that there are many viable alternatives. Yet, I won't side with gaming sites where no moderation exists. I believe self-exclusion is a force for good, but it must be enforced in an intelligent way that strikes a balance.

Another thing I want to clarify right now is that I am not going to help you to "get around GamStop," as many people have been asking me via email. I will instead explain the upsides and downsides of picking one casino over another and why GamStop shouldn't be taken at face value despite its immense value.

Over-regulating gaming can have its downsides that need to be avoided at all costs and I am here to promote this mindset and stress that personal choice should be valued and everyone should be given an opportunity to play with the frequency and intensity they desire, so long as they do so within their means and without experiencing life-altering consequences.

You will read detailed guides on how to pick the best gaming portals that offer the best variety of a given game as well as learn about how to self-exclude on non GamStop websites in order to preserve your physical and mental well-being.

I want to use this website as a platform to communicate with like-minded players and share my experience with you so we can all find the gaming options that make us happy and bring us a quality gaming experience.

While on it, I will focus on covering both casinos and bookmakers as well as answering popular questions, such as what the best of each type are and where to find them. I will provide you with a detailed look into the nature of each casino and bookie and help you decide if a specific brand is something you like or need at the time.

I am Mike Ashley and I am happy to bring you the latest and most accurate information from the world of non GamStop casinos and non gamstop bookies today.

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UK Gambling Commission to increase its fees

UK Gambling Commission to increase its fees
The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has planned to increase its fee structure has a result decreasing higher work load as well as enforcing the collecting of consumption tax that was implemented last year. The UKGC has planned to increase its fee structure with immediate effect after discussion at the open meeting that will take place...

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